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Sojag Denali 8' x 5' Anthracite Storage Shed


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  • Crafted from GALVALUME® - an aluminum, zinc, and silicon-plated steel with exceptional corrosion resistance that carries a limited 20-year warranty.
    • 20% thicker steel than a standard steel shed
  • Premium Textured Paint with a stylish matte finish in Anthracite.
  • 8 ft. X 5 ft. Footprint fits in any backyard
  • 72-inch-tall walls to fit all of your outdoor essentials!
    • Sturdy Doors - Fully enclosed doors for maximum security of your stored items. Appealing brushed metal handle with key locking dead bolt
  • Windows are placed across top of the roof to allow for sunlight
  • Integrated Gutter System, you won’t have to worry about creating a gutter system for your shed