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Gazebo Penguin All Season 12'  x 12' Gray Metal Gazebo - Sojag Gazebos

Gazebo Penguin All Season 12' x 12' Gray Metal Gazebo

Gazebo Penguin

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This All Season 12' x 12' Gray colored metal gazebo is a do it yourself gazebo kit.  Gazebo Penguin 12' x 12 can be assembled in a few hours, with two peaple. Have a wounderfull day in the privacy of your own back yard. Enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with those pesky mosquitoes. UV protected tinted polycarbonate roof, mosquito netting and privicy curtains are all included.
Gazebo Penguin All Season 12'  x 12' Gray Metal Gazebo
  • Color: Gray
  • Roof Material: Steel Roof Gauge: 0.31" with Resin and Polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Metal, Aluminium with U-rings for hanging a fan (20 Pounds)
  • Features 2 sliding doors
  • Door handles are able to be reinstalled and allow you to decide whether you would prefer having the door open to the left or to the right
  • The wind panels can slide all the way down to the bottom or in any of the 5 positions of the solarium and allow maximum air circulation
  • Wind Rating: 46 MPH
  • Included: Side Wall 
  • Included: Windows
  • Included: Roof panels: UV protected tinted polycarbonate 
  • Included: Durable, Nylon (mesh) mosquito netting
  • Included : Durable privicy curtains 
  • Base: Can be monted on any base
  • Assembly required, approx. 1 day with 2 people.
 All Season 12'  x 12' Gray Gazebo Dimensions:
  •  Door opening: 6' 13/32'' H x 3'' W
  •  Installed Size: 9' 2 1/32'' H x 12'' W x 12'' D
  •  Interior Dimensions: 11'.09" L x 9'.9" W x 103.92" 8'.34"  H
  •  Clearance to cross beam (ft.): 6 ' 13/32'' 
  •   Product Weight: 518  
  •   Warranty: 1 year

Installation & Assembly
      Manufacturer: Gazebo Penguin
      UPC: 00060051019017
      Part Number: 41212-32